Herd Immunity Conundrum

Can the drugs that are being offered for our protection against this world-wide disease be really called a vaccine by the CDC’s definition?

The CDC defines Immunity as follows:

“Protection from an infectious disease. If you are immune to a disease, you can be exposed to it without becoming infected.

They also define a vaccine as:

A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but can also be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose.

Let us first examine what is meant by immunity. The definition says that “if you are immune to a disease, you can be exposed to it without becoming infected”. What? But wait! Don’t we see people who took the drug still getting infected, in significant numbers? In fact has some not died? How can you be immune if after you take the drug you can be infected again? Sounds a bit fishy?

Now let us examine the definition of vaccine. From what we gleaned, can anyone in good conscience say that the “vaccines” being offered are producing immunity to a specific disease? Don’t we all still have to wear masks, even the vaccinated? Before you jump to respond that these drugs lessen the symptoms, then please note that lessening the severity is not part of the definition. What we have learned is that a vaccine is a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease and immunity means that you can be exposed to the disease without becoming infected.

This brings me to the next question. So if the drugs we are being encouraged to take do not provide immunity as was promised, how can we then achieve “herd immunity” when the drug does not provide immunity by the CDC’s definition?

I would really like that question answered.

I have provided a link to the CDC website with the definitions for your convenience:



Our God-given Right to Choose

I decided to post this commentary having been on the Big Issues for August 1, 2021 on Radio Observer where I experienced for the first time what it feels like to have one’s speech censored.

When I was invited to be on the radio program, I honestly thought that the objective was to genuinely invite various views to discuss the notion of forced vaccinations as a public health policy. In my own case, it was my intent to defend the unvaccinated’s freedom of choice.

The radio panel consisted of myself and three other panelists, which included a doctor, a senator and a political activist. After the first round of comments, it became very apparent to me that my view was the only one defending the right of choice.

Despite my willingness to engage in an open debate, it did not take me long to realise that I was merely a token to give the appearance that another view was being entertained for the sake of the program. However, it appeared to me that there was never genuine intent or curiosity to entertain other views other than what the other three panelists championed.

I waited patiently as the other guests were offered copious time to comment before I got a chance to speak. Not only was I the last panelist to be invited to comment in each round, but I was routinely interrupted, muted and prevented from developing my points fully. At no point was I disrespectful as the good doctor, yet he had more than his fair share of airtime.

One has to really question whether the Observer Radio we know today warrants the moniker: “Voice of the People”.

Sadly, it is this very act of censorship by the media that continues to spawn such high levels of distrust.

I am a firm believer that if something is true, it should be able to survive a preponderance of harsh scrutiny and attacks. Any so-called truth that must be protected from scrutiny, like I am witnessing, is always highly suspect.

This attempt to “protect” the truth, is a typical tool used by ALL totalitarian states to maintain control of the minds of the masses. They rely on keeping all views that are not the official parties own, suppressed. North Korea and China both do that with enormous efficiency. In those countries you are put to death or sent to re-education camps for even conceiving a different view.

Is this the type of state the Antiguan and Barbudans people want?

Since I did not get the chance to complete my arguments on radio, I have decided to use this medium.

My simple point is that all individuals should reserve the right to choose whether they wish to be vaccinated or not, for their own reasons and without being demonized, one way or the other.

I hasten to add that this position has nothing to do with the efficacy of any vaccine. I would be the first to acknowledge that the vaccines, from all accounts, appear to be beneficial.

However, it is my contention that the messaging from the official media, is so designed to deliberately plant the notion in the minds of the public that the unvaccinated is irresponsible and dangerous. This is most unfortunate. Unless something has changed recently, I was told that someone has to pass on the virus to an unvaccinated person before that person can be infected. The unvaccinated are victims like they did from the very beginning. If there is anyone to blame, then blame China!

Planting this subliminal message in the minds of citizens has naturally polarized the population at a time when we all should be encouraged to work together. I believe wholeheartedly that this messaging was specifically crafted for the effect it is now having. The idea is to create peer pressure by branding as enemies, those who wish not to be vaccinated. Politicians are expert at this type of messaging. No where other than totalitarian states like China and North Korea is this tactic most effectively done. This is what turns neighbours and family into spies and bounty hunters.

It surprises me, that as a western country that attest to espousing the values of democracy and human rights, that we have not studied history enough to understand that in all cases where a people lost their freedom, it all started out with making small, seemingly innocuous concessions for the sake of safety. I challenge the reader to study the rise of all totalitarian states today.

The other thing that surprises me is, that for a people with a legacy of slavery, we appear not to be sensitive to those things that currently protect our ultimate freedom. I am rather shocked to observe individuals who purport to associate themselves with Black Liberation and Reparations to not even understand the nuances of what it takes to maintain freedom. These same individuals claim they cherish freedom but ironically support the arbitrary curtailment of rights under the pretext of safety. We know that those who fail to learn from history will be doomed to repeat it.

In every case I know, people have lost their freedoms because of the state. Whether the state is ruled by colonialists or people of our same color and race,  makes no difference. We appear to have been lulled into a sense of false security, not realizing that we are still subject to the human nature that could lead to our collective betrayal. Our freedom can easily be lost for economic means, just like it was for our ancestors. Let us never forget that African slavery was first an economic expedient, before it was a race issue. It was the African’s suitability to the climate that made them very suitable for the cane industry in the colonies. They tried the indigenous peoples first but they could not withstand the conditions.

It is time to turn off all of the sports and entertainment and take a hard look at what is happening in the world around us.

We have been fed ideology that has brainwashed us into believing that somehow our rights as individuals comes from the state. The truth of the matter is that our life and liberty come from God, only.  And even God has given each of us a free will to choose or reject Himself. That should mean something.

I contend that we enact laws to collectively prevent the violation of our lives and freedoms. In other words, to prevent injustice. This protection from injustice must be equally applicable to the state as it is to other individuals. If your doctor will never be lawfully allowed to inject you without your permission, regardless of how good his injection, so too the state should not break the law to perpetrate such a crime against any citizen.

Today, we not only see our right to express our views demonized and forbidden but we also see evidence that there are plans to take away our very God-given freedom to choose.

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Those who suggest or imply that the unvaccinated ought to do the responsible thing by complying with a biblical interpretation of Genesis chapter 4 verse 9, are grossly mistaken.

I will prove it here.

In Genesis chapter 4 verse chapter 9, Cain replies to a question from God about the whereabouts of his brother, Abel by saying: … Am I my brother’s keeper?,.

It is my observation that this question that Cain ask God is often changed into an affirmative statement, suggesting that yes, you are your brother’s keeper. Moreover, this statement is often taken to mean that you, as an individual should always put the “welfare” of the country or all of humanity above yourself at all times.

Let us stop for a moment and examine whether that is what this passage of scripture is really saying?

First of all, it needs to be emphasized that this statement was Cain’s own words and not an admonition from God.

So, what was Cain actually saying by this question, in the context of Genesis chapter 4 verses 1 to 13?

As a quick summary, in verse 9, Cain had already slain his brother, Abel and God is now confronting Cain by asking him a rhetorical question about the whereabouts of his brother. Cain responds nonchalantly, even disrespectfully, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

To unlock the true biblical meaning of that phrase, there are two words that are key to understanding the true meaning of Cain’s response: the words are keeper and brother.

I will examine the meaning of keeper first.

To understand what a word means in Scripture, it is good practice to find out where else in Scripture such a word is used and to see if there is any pattern.

Let us examine three other contexts in which the word keeper is used. The first is Genesis chapter 4 verse 2 where the scriptures say that … Abel was a keeper of sheep… The second is Genesis chapter 39 verse 21 where it refers to “…keeper of the prison. Nehemiah chapter 3 verse 29 refers to “…keeper of the east gate”

The Hebrew word used for keeper is shamar, which means to guard, attend or watch over.

The word brother in the context of Genesis chapter 4 verse 9 refers specifically to blood brother. Abel and Cain shared the same parents, Adam and Eve. The word brother clearly is not referring to humanity in a general sense as some are wont to teach, erroneously.

So, what is Cain really saying?

If I were to put Cain’s response to God in our modern vernacular, it would be more like: “Is it my job to keep track of where my brother is?” Putting it another way, Cain is saying: Am I responsible for keeping watch over my brother? Cain’s question was not a doctrinal statement.

Cain’s response was meant to be derogatory. This cannot be refuted. Therefore, to use “Am I my brother’s keeper” out of context is the reason why unenlightened individuals quickly quip that the Bible contradicts itself. In all cases, the Bible does not contradict itself, it is merely spiritually undiscerning individuals misapplying and misinterpreting the Bible. And this is a case in point.

The conclusion that can be drawn from what I have so outlined, is that the “Am I my brother’s keeper”? question does not have anything to do with any Biblical admonition to “christians” to put the country’s needs above oneself.  The bible is very specific about who are Christians and who are brothers. All of us are not brothers and sisters! Some of us have the Devil as our father.

I therefore assert that the unvaccinated have no moral obligation to acquiesce to the demands of being injected with a drug they do not wish to have. And it really does not matter what the reason for refusing, regardless of how stupid it may sound.

Stop Demonizing the Unvaccinated!

I would challenge anyone that the growing sentiments towards the forcible vaccination of unwilling citizens is not a public health issue but rather a moral one.

Morality is defined by Dictionary.com as “principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong and good and bad behaviour”.

We have been told from childhood, that doing right and acting right are what makes us moral individuals. Moreover, we were always told that the ends never justify the means. In other words, regardless of the enormous good that would result from our action, accomplishing that supposed good by doing an immoral act does not make the results good. This is why money laundering is not good. This is why sweat shops are not good.

So, if your mother is in desperate need of a kidney to save her life, taking a random stranger’s life to get her a kidney, will never be morally justified. I doubt anyone would look on such act as a loving gesture to your mother. I daresay that most people would be repulsed by such action.

Likewise, we have been told not to imbibe any substance that may harm our body because that would not be considered good and acceptable behaviour. There are laws against you and me taking “illegal” drugs that will harm us. Naturally, I assumed that a drug is declared “illegal” because it is harmful.

Many a Rasta and Marijuana smoker has been arrested and jailed for simply possessing an “illegal” drug. Some jurisdictions would even put you to death for possessing “illegal” drugs.

What I draw from all of this is that abstaining or refusing to take a drug that I consider harmful or potentially harmful to me would be considered a very moral thing to do in the sight of the law and society. If I abstained from taking harmful drugs, I would have assumed that I behaved in a manner that is right and acceptable by law and the society at large.

It however cannot be refuted, regardless of how rare, that these vaccines (drugs) may be harmful, even fatal, to a very small number of individuals. Therefore, if you feel that a drug being offered to you could potentially be harmful to you, should you not be allowed to exercise your God-given, moral right to refuse it?

It is as an unfortunate contradiction that for simply following your moral instinct, you are now told that you need to do the “responsible” thing by taking a drug that you feel may be harmful to your person. It is very convenient to be nonchalant and declare that only a small minority might suffer statistically, forgetting that those that suffer are real, living people, who will be left to bear the consequence alone.

When you cut through the rhetoric, what you hear is: not putting yourself at risk is putting others at risk. Taking a drug that could potentially do harm to you is now a justifiable means to a public health end. I would put it bluntly by concluding that it is justified to commit suicide for the public good!

I can no longer agree with my history teachers that the ancient people were barbaric to sacrifice one of their own to appease the gods, who if not taken seriously could cause imminent and catastrophic disaster on the whole population. This rationale is no different to what I am hearing today. We cannot fairly call such people barbaric. They too had a public welfare crisis!

Sacrificing a single human was justified to appease the wrath of the gods. After all, the death of one human is well worth the lives of thousands of other humans. It is the best we can do for humanity’s sake! For them, the end does justify the means in this instance. Indeed, they reason, it is for the common good!

You may choose to dismiss the human sacrifice illustration as comparing two different things.  I would just like to remind you, that the leaders of today are no better predictors of impending disaster, even though, like their ancient predecessors, they would never admit.

Does simply saying that we have a “public health” issue, constitute justifiable grounds for suspending the moral principles that have been established throughout time? When the Rastas for years have argued that taking Marijuana was part of their religious rite, did that matter to the lawgivers?  Countless law breakers were caught and locked up, regardless.

It appears to me that there is a major moral question here.

I always thought that morality was based on godly principles that were absolute and timeless. However, I am being persuaded to believe that morality is circumstantial: it depends on the whims and selective interpretation of imperfect government officials, acting ostensibly in the public interest.

In my opinion, the moral dilemma we find ourselves, is fraught with contradiction.

I do and still believe that the ends never justify the means, regardless of good intentions.  To ignore this principle would put our society on a slippery moral slope. History has demonstrated that is was a number of seemingly innocuous compromises of natural principles that eventually culminated in the terror of Adolf Hitler.

It appears to me that the lesson we are being taught is that once an imperfect government official says it is “good”, regardless of how immoral it is, it must be ultimately good. Again, history is littered with examples of this myth.

Let us not forget that slavery was ok by government decree, even though it was an immoral act.

Let us not continue to demonize individuals for simply exercising the good moral judgement that they have been taught.

The 850MHz Iceberg

As I listen to the mud slinging going on in the public media, I refuse to reduce my thinking to that level.

I am really only interested in understanding what are the underlying, big-picture facts and having determined what those are then I will seek to suggest a principled approach on how we might achieve a fix to the situation in which we find ourselves.

As the debate wages on on what is considered the “fair” allocation of radio spectrum, the first question you must ask yourself is: who has the power to allocate radio frequencies? The second is: can APUA, C&W or Digicel allocate frequencies to themselves?

I daresay that only the government of Antigua and Barbuda has the authority to allocate radio frequencies. So what can we conclude from this?

The logical conclusion that can be inferred from all of this, is if we now find ourselves in a situation where spectrum has been unfairly allocated, then the only one culpable for this state of affairs, is the government of Antigua and Barbuda, regardless of political administration.

It is therefore fair to say that had the government being operating in a “fair” and neutral way from the beginning we would not have found ourselves in this quagmire.

I believe that understanding who or what is responsible for this confusion sets the context for how we might fix the problem.

If we start from the premise that government is responsible for this crisis, then it means that it cannot rightfully pass the blame onto anyone else. It also means that the government cannot rightfully take the moral high ground on this issue.

The government must adopt a stance that it, and no one else, is to blame. It therefore, cannot blame the players in the telecom industry for rightfully looking after their self-interests. It is for this reason that the government regulates this industry in the first place.  It is well understood that if the independent players we left to themselves to decide how frequency spectrum were divvied up, there would be vastly unfair allocations and far more fights like this.

So how did we get here despite the government’s authority to regulate fairly? This answer is left open to wide speculation.

So how do we go about remedying this issue?

For me the only acceptable approach is to bring all parties behind closed doors and have a reasonable discussion on the matter. This matter, in my humble opinion, should have never been brought into the public domain.

It is clear to me that there is an underlying breakdown of trust between the government and those that it regulates. Consequently, we now see this matter brought before the legal courts and the court of public opinion for resolution.

None of those two courts may necessarily produce an optimal solution that is in the best interest of all stakeholders including the tax payers of this country.

I do not agree that the solution should be a unilateral decree of the government to compulsorily revoke leased property when there is no evidence that the players broke the law in having more than what is considered their fair share.

Now that this matter has reached this far, we see that we are on the cusp of violating principles that we claim we espouse as a nation. What I am witnessing is that the government is now set to violate the principles of  “property rights” for the sake of expediency. This is a big thing for me because it transcends this current issue.

To bring this issue into focus more clearly, let me draw a corollary to the current situation by way of example.

Let us suppose that you went to the government of the day and after completing all of the legal requirements of your application, you were successful in gaining a 20 year lease to 1 acre of land for your farming project.

With your 20 year lease in hand you go about buying your tools, machinery and equipment;  you buy your seeds; you hire your workers; you get a loan; and you plow the plot. From your business plan you determine that you would break even by year 10. How would you feel if in year 8 of operating your farm, you get a notice from government telling you that in the interest of ‘fair’ allocation of farm lands, you are now forced to give up 50% of the land immediately?  How fair is that? You followed the rules, you did nothing to break the law but yet, you are now asked to suffer loss by no fault of your own!

That act of government, in my opinion, is a violation of your property rights. The concept of property rights is the foundation of any free market economy. This is one of the concepts behind the “Ease of Doing Business” surveys.

Is Antigua and Barbuda a totalitarian state?

What message is the government sending to the business community? Is it saying that on a whim it can randomly take away the rights of legitimate individuals or companies to enjoy the benefits of the property they own or lease?

To me, this is an omen. Today, the telecom industry is pillaged and nationalized, tomorrow it may be the hotel industry and thereafter, it may be my private home. Where will this end?

My conclusion to all of this is that this problem was created by government and therefore government should not simply violate the “property rights” of the players in the industry as an ostensible means to fix the mess it created. This creates a double whammy for the industry.

This matter needs to go back to the negotiating table behind closed doors and with a spirit that the property rights of each player will be respected. If the government wants something that someone rightfully holds, the only way it can have it is: a) by the involved party willingly giving it up or; b) by taking it by force, and it such case, the dispossessed party is entitled to a fair market price for his property, as the laws of compulsory acquisition already dictate.

Personally, I am never in favour of forcibly taking away someone’s legitimate property. This is normally called theft, whether done by an individual, a group of individuals or the government.

Let’s get back to the negotiating table.

What’s the Purpose of an ID Card?

I have always thought that the purpose of an ID card is to vouch for an individual who we have never met before and who wishes to perform a transaction for which we need to confirm the identity of that person.

In this context, the ID card issuer acts as a trusted third party who we expect would have done its due diligence on the person in question and who would have issued a picture ID to confirm the same. This then gives you the confidence to proceed with the transaction with the assurance that the person is who he says he is.

Recently, my life has been turned upside down with the incessant request for unexpired picture IDs from institutions with which I have been doing weekly business for more than 5 to 15 years. Continue reading What’s the Purpose of an ID Card?

The New Masked Robbers in Antigua and Barbuda

If I am not mistaken, I thought I heard a news release a few weeks ago, indicating that the Antigua and Barbuda Royal Police’s new policing strategy has been paying off with an increasing number of solved robberies. If that is truly the case, then kudos to the police.

In spite of those policing efforts, there seems to be a new breed of masked robbers who are never pursued by law enforcement. They are allowed to run rampant with impunity. Despite the fact that they are masked, we all know who they are but we remain powerless to apprehend them.

Continue reading The New Masked Robbers in Antigua and Barbuda

Cable and Wireless and Columbus Communications Merger Should be Allowed

Monopolies are generally created in two ways: a) by government and b) by the market.

In the case of a government sponsored monopoly, a company is granted the rights to engage in a particular business to the exclusion of all other businesses. An example would be APUA.

Continue reading Cable and Wireless and Columbus Communications Merger Should be Allowed