Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Those who suggest or imply that the unvaccinated ought to do the responsible thing by complying with a biblical interpretation of Genesis chapter 4 verse 9, are grossly mistaken.

I will prove it here.

In Genesis chapter 4 verse chapter 9, Cain replies to a question from God about the whereabouts of his brother, Abel by saying: … Am I my brother’s keeper?,.

It is my observation that this question that Cain ask God is often changed into an affirmative statement, suggesting that yes, you are your brother’s keeper. Moreover, this statement is often taken to mean that you, as an individual should always put the “welfare” of the country or all of humanity above yourself at all times.

Let us stop for a moment and examine whether that is what this passage of scripture is really saying?

First of all, it needs to be emphasized that this statement was Cain’s own words and not an admonition from God.

So, what was Cain actually saying by this question, in the context of Genesis chapter 4 verses 1 to 13?

As a quick summary, in verse 9, Cain had already slain his brother, Abel and God is now confronting Cain by asking him a rhetorical question about the whereabouts of his brother. Cain responds nonchalantly, even disrespectfully, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

To unlock the true biblical meaning of that phrase, there are two words that are key to understanding the true meaning of Cain’s response: the words are keeper and brother.

I will examine the meaning of keeper first.

To understand what a word means in Scripture, it is good practice to find out where else in Scripture such a word is used and to see if there is any pattern.

Let us examine three other contexts in which the word keeper is used. The first is Genesis chapter 4 verse 2 where the scriptures say that … Abel was a keeper of sheep… The second is Genesis chapter 39 verse 21 where it refers to “…keeper of the prison. Nehemiah chapter 3 verse 29 refers to “…keeper of the east gate”

The Hebrew word used for keeper is shamar, which means to guard, attend or watch over.

The word brother in the context of Genesis chapter 4 verse 9 refers specifically to blood brother. Abel and Cain shared the same parents, Adam and Eve. The word brother clearly is not referring to humanity in a general sense as some are wont to teach, erroneously.

So, what is Cain really saying?

If I were to put Cain’s response to God in our modern vernacular, it would be more like: “Is it my job to keep track of where my brother is?” Putting it another way, Cain is saying: Am I responsible for keeping watch over my brother? Cain’s question was not a doctrinal statement.

Cain’s response was meant to be derogatory. This cannot be refuted. Therefore, to use “Am I my brother’s keeper” out of context is the reason why unenlightened individuals quickly quip that the Bible contradicts itself. In all cases, the Bible does not contradict itself, it is merely spiritually undiscerning individuals misapplying and misinterpreting the Bible. And this is a case in point.

The conclusion that can be drawn from what I have so outlined, is that the “Am I my brother’s keeper”? question does not have anything to do with any Biblical admonition to “christians” to put the country’s needs above oneself.  The bible is very specific about who are Christians and who are brothers. All of us are not brothers and sisters! Some of us have the Devil as our father.

I therefore assert that the unvaccinated have no moral obligation to acquiesce to the demands of being injected with a drug they do not wish to have. And it really does not matter what the reason for refusing, regardless of how stupid it may sound.