Our God-given Right to Choose

I decided to post this commentary having been on the Big Issues for August 1, 2021 on Radio Observer where I experienced for the first time what it feels like to have one’s speech censored.

When I was invited to be on the radio program, I honestly thought that the objective was to genuinely invite various views to discuss the notion of forced vaccinations as a public health policy. In my own case, it was my intent to defend the unvaccinated’s freedom of choice.

The radio panel consisted of myself and three other panelists, which included a doctor, a senator and a political activist. After the first round of comments, it became very apparent to me that my view was the only one defending the right of choice.

Despite my willingness to engage in an open debate, it did not take me long to realise that I was merely a token to give the appearance that another view was being entertained for the sake of the program. However, it appeared to me that there was never genuine intent or curiosity to entertain other views other than what the other three panelists championed.

I waited patiently as the other guests were offered copious time to comment before I got a chance to speak. Not only was I the last panelist to be invited to comment in each round, but I was routinely interrupted, muted and prevented from developing my points fully. At no point was I disrespectful as the good doctor, yet he had more than his fair share of airtime.

One has to really question whether the Observer Radio we know today warrants the moniker: “Voice of the People”.

Sadly, it is this very act of censorship by the media that continues to spawn such high levels of distrust.

I am a firm believer that if something is true, it should be able to survive a preponderance of harsh scrutiny and attacks. Any so-called truth that must be protected from scrutiny, like I am witnessing, is always highly suspect.

This attempt to “protect” the truth, is a typical tool used by ALL totalitarian states to maintain control of the minds of the masses. They rely on keeping all views that are not the official parties own, suppressed. North Korea and China both do that with enormous efficiency. In those countries you are put to death or sent to re-education camps for even conceiving a different view.

Is this the type of state the Antiguan and Barbudans people want?

Since I did not get the chance to complete my arguments on radio, I have decided to use this medium.

My simple point is that all individuals should reserve the right to choose whether they wish to be vaccinated or not, for their own reasons and without being demonized, one way or the other.

I hasten to add that this position has nothing to do with the efficacy of any vaccine. I would be the first to acknowledge that the vaccines, from all accounts, appear to be beneficial.

However, it is my contention that the messaging from the official media, is so designed to deliberately plant the notion in the minds of the public that the unvaccinated is irresponsible and dangerous. This is most unfortunate. Unless something has changed recently, I was told that someone has to pass on the virus to an unvaccinated person before that person can be infected. The unvaccinated are victims like they did from the very beginning. If there is anyone to blame, then blame China!

Planting this subliminal message in the minds of citizens has naturally polarized the population at a time when we all should be encouraged to work together. I believe wholeheartedly that this messaging was specifically crafted for the effect it is now having. The idea is to create peer pressure by branding as enemies, those who wish not to be vaccinated. Politicians are expert at this type of messaging. No where other than totalitarian states like China and North Korea is this tactic most effectively done. This is what turns neighbours and family into spies and bounty hunters.

It surprises me, that as a western country that attest to espousing the values of democracy and human rights, that we have not studied history enough to understand that in all cases where a people lost their freedom, it all started out with making small, seemingly innocuous concessions for the sake of safety. I challenge the reader to study the rise of all totalitarian states today.

The other thing that surprises me is, that for a people with a legacy of slavery, we appear not to be sensitive to those things that currently protect our ultimate freedom. I am rather shocked to observe individuals who purport to associate themselves with Black Liberation and Reparations to not even understand the nuances of what it takes to maintain freedom. These same individuals claim they cherish freedom but ironically support the arbitrary curtailment of rights under the pretext of safety. We know that those who fail to learn from history will be doomed to repeat it.

In every case I know, people have lost their freedoms because of the state. Whether the state is ruled by colonialists or people of our same color and race,  makes no difference. We appear to have been lulled into a sense of false security, not realizing that we are still subject to the human nature that could lead to our collective betrayal. Our freedom can easily be lost for economic means, just like it was for our ancestors. Let us never forget that African slavery was first an economic expedient, before it was a race issue. It was the African’s suitability to the climate that made them very suitable for the cane industry in the colonies. They tried the indigenous peoples first but they could not withstand the conditions.

It is time to turn off all of the sports and entertainment and take a hard look at what is happening in the world around us.

We have been fed ideology that has brainwashed us into believing that somehow our rights as individuals comes from the state. The truth of the matter is that our life and liberty come from God, only.  And even God has given each of us a free will to choose or reject Himself. That should mean something.

I contend that we enact laws to collectively prevent the violation of our lives and freedoms. In other words, to prevent injustice. This protection from injustice must be equally applicable to the state as it is to other individuals. If your doctor will never be lawfully allowed to inject you without your permission, regardless of how good his injection, so too the state should not break the law to perpetrate such a crime against any citizen.

Today, we not only see our right to express our views demonized and forbidden but we also see evidence that there are plans to take away our very God-given freedom to choose.